The Keramikos Group is committed to excellence in the delivery of high quality products and services whilst ensuring that our social and legal duties are upheld at all times.  Through our policies, practices and procedures we shall endeavour to ensure that we meet our legal, social and moral responsibilities through the provision of adequate health, safety and welfare arrangements for employees, that all staff are treated equally, that labour standards including pay are maintained and the implementation of an environmental management system.

The Keramikos Group expects other organisations that trade with us including customers, suppliers and contractors to ensure at the very least that the local, national and international legal requirements pertaining to their business activities are upheld.  By working with Keramikos Ltd you agree to comply with standards set out in this document.  If at any time it comes to the attention of the Keramikos Group that a trader has intentionally breached local, national or international laws and /or has acted in a manner that could be deemed as unacceptable or unethical, the Keramikos Group may exercise its rights to cease trading with said organisation and will not accept any financial loss incurred from the cancelation of any trade agreement.

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Health & Safety

The management of the Company recognises the promotion of health and safety measures and practices as a mutual objective for management and employees at all levels.

It is the policy of the Company to do all that is reasonable to prevent personal injury and damage to property and to protect everyone from foreseeable work hazards, including the general public in so far as they may come into contact with the Company or its services.

The Company fully recognises its responsibility to:-

  • Provide and maintain safe and healthy working conditions, taking into account any statutory requirements.
  • Provide training and instruction enabling employees to perform their work safely and efficiently.
  • Make available all necessary safety devices and protective equipment and to supervise their use.
  • Maintain a constant and continuing interest in health and safety matters applicable to the Company’s activities and for its management to set an example in safe behaviour.

The employees have a responsibility to co-operate with the Company by:

  • Working safely and efficiently
  • Using the equipment provided and by meeting statutory obligations
  • Reporting incidents to senior management that have led, or may lead, to injury or damage.
  • Adhering to Company procedures and practices for securing a healthy and safe workplace.
  • Assisting in the investigation of accidents with the object of introducing measures to prevent a reoccurrence.
  • Undertaking such training as may be required to comply with the safety regulations.

This is a general statement of Company policy relative to the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 as part of the Company’s commitment to healthy and safe work practices, this policy will be regularly reviewed and updated as changes of work practices occur.


Through the implementation of an environmental management system the organisation shall endeavour to comply with environmental quality standards and industry “Best Available Techniques”, to minimise any risks of pollution to the environment through the control of our work activities.

The organisation shall assess the pollution release of the prescribed substances as detailed in the Pollution, Prevention and Control Regulations 2000 and shall prevent or, where that is not practicable, reduce emissions into the air, water and land.  The organisation recognises its duty as a producer of waste and shall seek to minimise waste including, production waste, energy efficiency, accident prevention and recycling.

A competent and registered waste management contractor shall be sourced and the company shall document the details of the supply chain of all waste whilst retaining all records of Waste Transfer Notes.  An essential element of the waste management policy of the company shall be the successful recording of all waste and the implementation of a waste reduction programme.

Waste substances and other materials shall be stored in the appropriate drums/containers and stored in a safe manner where spillage or escape into the environment is reduced as far as practicable.  Emergency procedures shall be developed to reduce pollution resulting from accidental release and staff shall be suitably trained in these procedures


Through the continuous improvement of our services and goods we will strive not only to meet but also exceed our client’s expectations with the ultimate aim to heighten client satisfaction and loyalty.

The Keramikos Group shall ensure that competency of staff to adequately and safely carryout tasks within their section to the standards required.  This shall be done in accordance with the organisations Recruitment and training Policy.

The Keramikos Group shall endeavour to ensure, as far as reasonably practicable, the quality of products and materials from suppliers including the purchase and installation of plant equipment.  This shall be achieved through a number of prescribed formats details below.

  • Material Safety Data Sheets shall be obtained from our suppliers for all substances used within our processes. All suppliers shall also be audited to establish if products shall be registered in accordance with REACH.
  • In accordance with the Ceramic Articles in Contact with Food (England) regulations 2006 all ceramic articles supplied to us shall require a suitable Declaration of Conformity from our suppliers for every consignments received.
  • The suitability of all equipment and plant shall be ensured by department manages. The risks arising from the use of work equipment shall have the appropriate CE marking.  Operator instructions and user manuals shall be obtained for all plant equipment.
  • The suitability of all contractors, sub contractors and suppliers shall be determined through the use of contractor and supplier questionnaire / assessment.

All recruitment and training shall be conducted in accordance with the recruitment and training policy.  The Keramikos Group recognises its responsibilities towards our employees training and development and shall endeavour to make continuous improvements in our recruitment and training policy.  The Keramikos Group shall continuously work towards recognised standards in the development and training of our staff.

Safe systems of work shall be developed for all tasks and processes carried out within our organisation which shall ensure the safe integration of people, materials and equipment within a safe and healthy working environment.  Written work procedures for all tasks shall be developed to ensure consistency in the quality of our products.

The Keramikos Group recognises the importance of ensuring the internal supply chain is managed appropriately and that all departments identify the internal supply chain and has the necessary arrangements in place to ensure the requirements are delivered, monitored, reviewed and continuously improved.

Each department manager shall have the responsibility of ensuring the quality of work through each stage of the order process through the inspection of the product and work when entering and leaving each section and shall have the appropriate arrangements in place to record the finding.  In addition all sections of the process shall have a quality system which should be signed by the appointed person / persons in section.

Ceramic products shall be regularly and randomly tested in accordance with the ceramic Articles in Contact with Food (England) regulation 2006, for lead and cadmium migration limits by a UKAS accredited testing facility.

All customer complaints should be made subject to the terms and conditions and in writing to the Customer Service Manager.  The highest priority shall be given to customer complaints and the initial stage shall be to rectify the situation which may result in the replacement of goods or the issuing of credit notes etc.  The second stage shall be to investigate both the immediate and underlying causes and setting out a time table for improvement with the aim of reducing, as far as it is reasonably practicable, the risk of a repeat situation occurring again in the future thus continually improving the quality standard.


We are devoted to upholding the development of our employee’s through the provision of “best working practices”.  We believe that a happy professional workforce where individuals feel that they make a significant and valued contribution to the company is imperative if the company is to meet its future goals.

The intent of our policy is to recognise all employees’ skills and contributions that they can make to the company.  Through the successful management of the training and development policy staff can quickly progress through their job role and achieve high standards of work.

Through the provision of regular team meeting the other information gather exercises’ on issues such as key business objectives we encourage all employees to take the opportunity to “have their say”.  Their comments are both valued and respected.


The Keramikos Group is committed to eliminating discrimination and encouraging diversity amongst our workforce.  Our aim is that our workforce will feel respected and able to give their best in an environment where individuals can achieve, grow and excel.

The purpose of our policy is to provide equality and fairness for all in our employment and not to discriminate on grounds of gender, race, disability, sexual orientation, religion or belief and on the grounds of age.  We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.

Our aim is that all employees feel of worth to the company and will be helped and encouraged to develop their potential.  The talents and resources of the company will be fully utilised to maximise the efficiency of the organisation.  Selection for employment, promotion, training and any other benefit will be on the basis of aptitude and ability only.

Our Commitment

  • To create an environment where individual’s differences and contributions of all our staff are recognised and valued.
  • No form of intimidation, bullying of harassment will be tolerated.
  • Training, development and progression opportunities will be available to all our staff.
  • Breaches of out equal opportunities policy will be regarded as misconduct and may lead to disciplinary proceedings.
  • There will be an effective procedure for any employee who feel they have been unfairly treated to bring forward any grievance that they may have.
  • The policy has the full support of senior management.
  • The policy will be monitored and reviewed annually.

Training and Development

The Keramikos Group recognises that most important resource is its employees. It is committed to the training and development of its entire workforce so that they will gain the necessary skills to reach their full potential.  This will assist in enabling the organisation to achieve its aims and objectives to be recognised as a strong, profitable and forward thinking company through a well trained and supported working team.  By increasing the skills and knowledge of its staff the organisation will produce confident, highly qualified staff working as an efficient team.

The individual training and development needs will be identified through

  • Training needs analysis by departmental managers
  • Performance appraisals
  • Request from employees.

The training and development needs identified will be met through a variety of activities depending on the nature and extent of the requirements deemed necessary after assessment.


The company believes that all new employees MUST be given timely induction training.  The training is regarded as a vital part of staff recruitment and integration into the working environment.  This policy, associated procedures and guidelines define the Company’s commitment to ensure that all staff are supported during the period of induction, to benefit of the employee and Company alike.

It is the aim of the Company to ensure that staff induction is dealt with in an organised and consistent manner, to enable staff to be introduced into a new post and working environment quickly, so that they can contribute effectively as soon as possible.  This induction policy, associated procedures and guidelines aim to set out general steps for Managers and Staff to follow during the induction process.  It is expected that all Managers and Staff will adhere to this policy.

Child Labour

The Keramikos Group recognises its duty under the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child (UNCRC) article 32 to be protected from economic exploitation and from performing any work that is likely to be hazardous or to interfere with the child’s education, or to be harmful to the child’s health or physical, mental, spiritual, moral or social development.

Keramikos Ltd also accepts its duty to protect the rights of young persons in our employment giving special considerations for health & safety, nature of work, hours and rest periods, pay and holidays etc.

Conflict of Interest

All employees of the Keramikos group are to avoid business were a conflict of interest may arise when an employee may be influenced by considerations of gain or benefit or undue pressure, which conflict with an employee’s obligation to serve the company. The purpose of this policy is to protect the integrity of the company.

Anti Bribery

The Keramikos group is committed to the prevention of bribery by those employed and associated with the company.  The company’s aim is to limit its exposure to bribery by setting out a clear anti-bribery policy and encouraging employees to be vigilant and to report any suspicion of bribery.